Monthly Archives: May 2011

In honor of the Wedding Season.


First the ring which is really important because its going to be on your finger forever.  I happen to be an unconventional person and I really want a unique ring.

Then the dress which is also very important because that’s what everyone comes to see.  I happen to love love lace and dramatic necklines.

Invitations set the theme of the wedding for me I like the crazy ones with lots of color. Check out these beautiful invitations.

Bridesmaids, I think they are the lifesavers in a wedding.  They really are like the little workers and make sure everything is perfect so the bride doesn’t have to be anymore stressed than she needs to be.

Flowers are all about the colors.  I like the fresh pink and white country look.

Venues.  I love country weddings, so barns little white chapels and big tents are very beautiful. I also love bonfires at weddings and fireworks they are the best.


My Weekend…



On Friday Felisha, Ella, some friends, and I went to the Columbus Zoo.  It was a perfect day which we have been missing because of the rain we have had.  We saw some awesome animals and had a great time.

Here are some more great shots I caught of Ella this weekend.


I began my painting!!


I cut out all the coupons for the week.