Monthly Archives: July 2010



Ok so I want to redo my room in MAPS.. I think it would be a real cool idea and look so awesomeness!!

This makes me really happy.

This is just completely amazing and pretty.

Yes I would Love to get lost with you.

A dream of mine.

And Love sums up the world.




The Forth Of July couldn’t be a better holiday. It’s not like Christmas where you give lots of gifts and have this pressure to please everyone. It’s not like Thanksgiving where you have to visit 10 different places and try to figure out how your are gonna eat all the food. It’s perfect anywhere you go you can see fireworks in the sky, and you get to eat the perfect food. It’s the only time of the year you can play with fire and it’s okay. You just lay out on the grass look up at the sky and watch beautiful lights light up the world.